The Ultra Roller from Addaday is my latest obsession and what I’ve started using every day.  Greg, from Addaday, came to Fleet Feet Sports last month to share information about Addaday and he couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m in the thick of marathon training, the mileage is up and my workouts are getting longer.

Addaday specializes in roller recovery products designed to make you “Move More, Feel Better!” The Addaday product line can increase your mobility, help you become a more efficient runner, and help with overall muscle heath.

The roller design of the Ultra Roller allows optimal blood flow around muscle groups. The gears knead like the human elbow. The multi-gear design allows for easy navigation around the human body, especially waist, back and hip areas. It helps with IT Band Syndrome “Runner’s Knee”, pain from the sole of the foot, sore quads, hamstrings, and a sore back.

If you don’t have the time or money for regular massages, using the Ultra Roller provides many of the same benefits. I definitely notice a difference the next day when I use the Ultra Roller after a workout and it’s an extremely versatile tool because of its portability and ease of you.

Where can you find Addaday products?

They are sold at various running specialty stores, including Fleet Feet Sports Chicago and you can also find out more about Addaday by going to

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  1. I have the travel version. I do like it!
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