Gift Ideas for Your Active Man

Gift Ideas for Your Active Man

In honor of the holiday season, I have a guest post from Quinn McAdams who is sharing holiday gift ideas for the active man in your life.

The holiday shopping season is winding down. If you are searching for the perfect gift for an active man, especially when the outdoor temperature is sub-zero, the task of gift buying can be daunting. Listed below are a few ideas to make your active man smile.

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If he still goes out for frosty morning runs, consider warm outer apparel to keep him cozy. Outdoor exercise jackets these days are made of moisture-wicking fabric to keep him warm, not wet, and they have fleece lining. They are ultra-lightweight and newer styles even have thumbholes to keep hands warm.

The man who has gone indoors to the fitness center for his workouts might enjoy a fitness wristband that tracks his progress on his exercise routines. Fitness wristbands electronically measure steps, distance, stairs climbed, vital signs and other workout data. Many, like the Force, allow users to keep track of their sleep as well. The wristbands come in sizes from watch-size to serious bulk, and most sync with home computers or smartphones to store information.

Cold weather activity makes muscles more prone to aches and pains. A thoughtful gift for your active man might be a muscle-soothing massager like the FRoller. This hand-held massager has removable gel-filled pads that allow the user to pop them into the freezer. The whole unit is small enough to be put in the freezer if desired. In addition, the units are flexible so they mold to the affected area. Massage units come in all sizes and prices.

A fun way to surprise your active man at the holidays is a care package of fitness items. If you haven’t got the time or the patience to put one together, Performance has something called the “Sports Crate.” It is a really cute rustic box filled with some serious sports gear like speed ropes and push-up bars, but it also has healthy snacks and drinks.

If your active man spends a lot of time on the links, consider personalized golf balls. Even if they don’t help out with his game, they are definitely a distinctive addition to his golf “swag.” I found some great ones on this site that I bought for my husband a while ago.

Finding the perfect gift for the active man on your list can be frustrating, especially as the shopping days are fewer. Hopefully these items will help you out on your shopping journey! Good Luck!

Thanks for sharing, Quinn! 


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