Goals + Ab Challenge

Goals + Ab Challenge

Happy Friday & Happy 4th of July Weekend!

Chicago weather has been amazing the last couple of days. It’s supposed to be in the low to mid-90’s today & that makes me happy. Most people hate the heat because they don’t want to sweat. I think they hate it because they’re trying to fight it and in 90 degree weather you’re likely to sweat, no matter what. I had to stop fighting it when I lived in Florida and I learned to embrace the heat and now love it.

Today is a rest day, so no running for me. My training plan has 3 rest days this week and it’s making me antsy. Yes, I’m one of those crazy runners who wants to run EVERY SINGE DAY.

Even though I know it’s a rest day, my body didn’t quite get the hint and I still woke up at 4:30a.  After I ate breakfast, did my Achilles tendon exercises and read blogs for a couple hours, I didn’t know what else to do so I went grocery shopping.

FYI: Grocery shopping early in the morning is pretty darn fun.

The store was empty, I was able to wander around, look at new products, and take as long as I wanted to pick out my fruit without someone bumping their cart into me.

Ahhhh, the yogurt section is my favorite part of the store. I basically live off the stuff.

After 40 minutes of browsing it was time to head to work.


Can you believe half the year is already over? I can’t believe it’s July and I’m still not living in Chicago. I definitely thought I would have found a job and moved by now. To be completely honest; I’m a little burnt out on job searching and networking. I’m extremely lucky to have a good job in the suburbs but perhaps because it is so good it’s making me set my sights too high.

Now that June is over, let’s focus on July.

My Goals for July:

  • Continue to train for the Chicago Marathon without injury by following my training plan and listening to my coach.
  • Make sure I’m fueling myself properly to prevent weight loss or fatigue.
  • Run Fleet Feet Sports Women’s 5k & 10K on July 17th. (If you’re from Chicago, please join me for brunch after the race. Here’s the info: #FFCheer Brunch.
  • Participate in the #Fitblog Abs Challenge.

The challenge will run from July 1st until August 5th. This challenge is open to everyone, and I encourage you to join in on the fun. The goal is to average 100 ab exercises per day. Check out Ashley’s site for more info.

My core strength usually goes downhill when I’m running a lot. I don’t want my core to get weak so I’m joining the group challenge to keep me on track.

Ab exercises are extremely important for runners. A strong core can help make your running more efficient, help your overall performance, as well as make you faster. If your core is weak, compensatory movements will develop, which can lead to injury.

As part of the challenge, we need to post our favorite core move.

I love planks because I think they work your whole body.

What’s your favorite Ab exercise?

Don’t forget to enter my raffle to win Cubs tickets. I’m proud to be running with DetermiNation and I’m shooting to raise $1,000. Please consider supporting me with a donation. My Fundraising Page.

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  1. BigSissy says:

    People have favorite (like?) ab exercises? I only ones that I least dislike 😛

  2. Hmmm, favorite ab exercises….I do like planks actually because I can feel them working. I also just like the run-of-the-mill crunches and side to side crunches to work my obliques. Keep working on getting that job and don’t get too bummed down. It’s a major full-time job just to find a job these days. But like I told you before, some organization is going to be very lucky to have you!! Thanks for the grocery store pics–I’m grocery store obsessed and have spent much too much time working in them over the years! 😛

  3. I suppose planks are my favorite – mainly because you don’t need any equipment and can feel the burn! I am working to improve my form on the side planks… those are hard for me!

    I just RSVP’ed for the #ffcheer brunch after the 10K event on the 17th! I look forward to meeting you there!

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