Hot Weather Running Tips

Hot Weather Running Tips

Welcome to the summer heat! Now that it actually feels like summer here in Chicago I’m going to share my hot weather running tips.

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It was hot and humid this past Sunday when I ran the Chicago Women’s Half Marathon

Hot Weather Running Tips

  • Stay hydrated! You can lose between 6 to 12 oz. of fluid for every 20 minutes of running so it is important to pre-hydrate and drink fluids every 15-20 minutes along your run.
  • Run early in morning or late evening. Times to avoid running are noon till 3pm.
  • Wear light-colored and loose-fitting wicking runner gear. I recommend also wearing a hat to protect your face and sunglasses that protect against UVA/UVB rays.
  • Protect yourself from skin cancer and skin damage by ALWAYS wearing sunscreen!
  • Run near the water. If you live in Chicago you can run along the lakefront path where it’s usually cooler and breezier. Fleet Feet Sports sets up hydration stations along the path on the weekends.
  • Decrease speed and intensity. Ease back and don’t push yourself too hard. Your heart literally beats faster in high heat, as it’s pumping extra blood out to the skin as part of the body’s evaporation/cooling mechanism.
  • Do speedwork on a treadmill. If you have a really tough workout you might want to consider doing it indoors on the treadmill rather than in the hot temps.
  • Listen to your body! This is most important. Have no shame taking walking breaks or going much slower than your usual pace. If you feel dizzy or you’re sweating more than usual or something doesn’t feel right, back off and call it a day.

It’s going to be hot this summer, there’s no way to avoid it. But if you stay flexible, have fun and stay safe then you’ll be able to enjoy running in the heat.

What are your tips for running in the heat? 

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  1. Never knew about Fleet Feet stations! I still haven’t seen one. Checked their website, I guess they just off to the side more.

    I think listening to your body over your running ego is the most important thing. Every training run or just run doesn’t need to be a PR. Live to run another day. And don’t be afraid to splash fountain water on yourself!

    I have no new tips, I like running super early!
    Declan recently posted..Rain out? Run it out

    • The Fleet Feet Stations started a few weeks ago, you’ll see them this weekend for sure.

      “Live to run another day”. <---- I love this! It's so true. You can't push yourself to the limit everyday.

  2. Dropping the pace is the biggest one for me. It may seem slow at first, but it allows you to complete your workouts without problems.
    egb recently posted..A Tale of Two Runs and June Recap

    • I think that’s really smart. Pushing the pace, especially in the beginning can ruin a workout when it’s really hot outside.


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