Weekend Highlights

Weekend Highlights

Before I met Tony I was always busy, always on the go, and couldn’t sit and relax. Now that I’ve met my perfect other half, most weekends you can find us relaxing on the couch… but this weekend I went back to my old ways and was a super busy bee. It was fantastic, but I also missed our down time.

After work on Friday I drove to Naperville to spend the night with my step-sister. We went to Flat Top for dinner and came home to drink wine and watch the Bachelor. Wow… the girls on that show are ridiculous.

Date Night

Saturday was spent running errands, paying bills, Tony did our taxes, and a few other boring tasks. We  then got ready and met our friends for a double date at Gilt Bar. The atmosphere with the low lighting and sleek decor was lovely. My cosmo was delicious, but my chicken and our server was only subpar- she had a bit of an attitude.

Gilt Bar

Brunch with family, lots of laundry, and cookie baking went down on Sunday.


I have a pretty busy week ahead with two presentations and my six month review. I’m going in to my review well prepared  and ready to show them all I’ve done in the past six months. I’m excited to hear my manager’s feedback.

Time to hit the gym. Have a great week!

What were the highlights from your weekend?

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