Running Indy

Running Indy


Indianapolis is a beautiful city! I’m here for work and the weather couldn’t be better to explore a new city. The first thing I do when I’m traveling is talk to the concierge at the hotel to find out if there are any local running trails. I was excited to find the Indianapolis Cultural Trail right outside my hotel.

Indy Cultural Trail

This morning I had some time before a meeting so I decided to check it out. The trail is 7.5 miles and connects the five downtown cultural districts; Fountain Square, Indiana Avenue, Mass Ave, the Canal & White River State Park and the Wholesale District.

Indianapolis Cultural Trail

A nice feature of the trail is the two separate paths; one for bikers and one for runners/walkers. This is something Chicago has been looking into for the Lakefront Trail to prevent conflict between bikers and runners. I don’t think the two separate paths can be enforced, but I think most people would follow the rules because the paths are clearly marked.

Indy Cultural Trail

The trail wasn’t too busy, but I could feel the energy from all the students coming back to Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis and moving into the dorms.

Indy Cultural Trail

Indy Cultural Trail

There’s a reason the Cultural Trail has caught the attention of urban planners around the country. The wide paths are lined with distinctive lighting and landscaping and beautiful large-scale art.

The trail passes within one block of every major arts, culture, heritage and sports venue in the city. While running I was making mental notes of the places I would like to go if we have extra time. The cultural trail wasn’t just a regular run, but an experience to explore Indy and see all that it has to offer. I’m looking forward to running it again tomorrow.

I only have two minor gripes. The Fountain Square didn’t have well-marked signs so I could see how pedestrians could get turned around and end up off the trail. Also, I don’t think I saw one water fountain. I’m definitely spoiled with all the water fountains along the Lakefront Trail in Chicago.

Have you been to Indianapolis? How do you find running routes when you travel?


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  1. Love the pictures of the trail in Indy. Next time I’m there I will have to check it out.
    Pete B recently posted..Fleet Feet Pint Night Run #2

  2. I got to the Indy area often because my boyfriend’s parents live there. We usually run on the Monon trail!

  3. I’ve never been and I imagine this is the closest I’ll get to being there outside of going google street view! Looks lovely!

    Running routes for when I travel- look for a community forum of the city and ask where to run. I also ask the hotel front desk! Lots of cities of running clubs to reach out to as well.
    Declan recently posted..Do you even stretch bro?

  4. I was in Indy last year, and they hotel had little cards with running routes of two different distances. We were staying kind of close to the river, so I ended up running along there and near IUPUI (I think) and past some state buildings. It was lovely! Also, when I visited my best friend in Boston, she had to go to work one of the days, so I just headed out and ran around – it was a great way to explore the city!! I saw so many sites!
    Maggie recently posted..Race Report: North Country Trail Run Half Marathon

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