Allison – 22 Month Update

Allison – 22 Month Update

I can not believe my baby is going to be 2 soon! I’m crying when I type that (hello, pregnancy hormones)! I haven’t written an update since Allie turned 1 so I thought this was a good time and I want to share all the things I want to remember.

Things I Want To Remember:

  • How she reaches to grab for my hand whenever she goes anywhere
  • When she says “no, no, no, no” really fast when she doesn’t want to do something
  • How she puts her head on my baby bump
  • How she counts to 10 and says “yay” when she’s done
  • How she runs to me and Daddy and hugs our legs
  • Her big smile when she sees us first thing in the morning
  • How she kicks her feet and goes over to dance with Daddy whenever she hears music

  • Her full body laugh
  • How obsessed she is with little chairs and loves the new pink one we just bought for her
  • How she loves to swing and it’s the first thing she wants to do at the park
  • How she says “wah wah” for water
  • How she goes up to her Stroller Strides friends and gives them hugs
  • How she loves her baby doll
  • How she loves to color and play with chalk
  • The way she blows kisses goodbye
  • Her obsession with Sofia the First
  • The way she says “peease” for please
  • The way she will just babble on and on and we have no idea what she’s saying
  • The way she makes her voice high pitch when she’s playing with her baby
  • How she wants me to lay down with her whenever she watches Sofia the first
  • The way she does hand movements to songs when we are singing at Stroller Strides
  • How she is so good in the stroller
  • Her love for running
  • How she still hates most men
  • How she’s mostly very sweet and gentle
  • The way she puts her head on my shoulder when she’s sleepy and about to go to bed

Allie, I love you more than anything in the world!

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  1. Happy Birthday (almost) Allie! She hates most men? Oh no! Ha, ha! Glad to hear she loves running though! 🙂
    Pete B recently posted..Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon 2017 – Race Recap

  2. I love when they say please like that, so cute! How did you teach her how to count to 10? That’s impressive!

    • I think she mostly learned from Stroller Strides because we count some of our reps. She started counting with us during class and then I started practicing with her at home. So she can count to 10, but needs a lot of work with her ABCs.

  3. Adorable! Buel used to say “BEASSss” for Please. Now he says “Pw-ease” 🙂
    Katie recently posted..Overcoming Perfectionism

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