Madison Half Marathon Recap

Madison Half Marathon Recap

I love reading about running and could read other race recaps all day, but for some reason I hate writing them myself. It might be because I’m a big picture person, dislikes details and so I don’t remember a whole lot about a race.

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I’m usually on cloud 9 and in pure bliss when I’m running a race. But this was not the case for the Madison Half Marathon. It was the first time I’ve  had to use the bathroom during a race and I had to stop 3 times. At mile 4 I stopped for 10 minutes and considered dropping out of the race.

Madison Half Marathon

At mile 4 my thoughts were incredibly negative. I hated running, races, my body and every runner that passed me. Around mile 6 I saw a nice family cheering outside their house and I almost asked them to drive me to the finish line. The stomach cramps wouldn’t go away and all I wanted was this terrible experience to be over with. I wanted to throw in the towel, I wanted to quit.

Madison Half Marathon

And then I stopped and thought about how I would feel if I quit. I thought about everything I tell the runners I coach. I thought about letting my family, friends, and runners down. How could I just give up when there are people fighting cancer and new runners completing their first marathon?!

Madison Half Marathon

Thinking about letting so many people down made me determined to make this half marathon something I could be proud of. The stomach cramps never went away, but I was going to finish the race! I was able to change my negative thoughts into positive ones by thinking of all the reasons I love to run. Here’s the list I came up with:

  • I run to inspire & to be inspired.
  • I run for the runner’s high.
  • I run to clear my head.
  • I run to push myself harder than the day before.
  • I run to feel free.
  • I run because it’s a chance to enjoy the outdoors.
  • I run for those who cannot.
  • I run to meet new people and make friends.
  • I run to encourage others.
  • I run to be healthy.
  • I run because I’m competitive.
  • I run because it is my true love in life.
  • I run to explore new places.
  • I run because I love the Chicago Running Community.
  • I run because it forces me to push boundaries.
  • I run to feel alive.
  • I run because it makes my life better.
  • I run because I can.

So tell me, Why do you run?

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  1. “I run because I can” is a big one for me, since that wasn’t the case until recently, and I don’t know how long my body will let me do it. And I do often think about people who can’t, and certainly, people fighting things like cancer. Like, I could have it so much worse than having a bad run or race. But…. bad runs still happen. Good for you for being able to turn things around and still find a reason to be positive and proud! I’ll try to keep this in mind the next time I’m having a rough one.
    Anne recently posted..The Sappy Anniversary Post

    • Thanks for the sweet comment, Anne! I think it’s great you’re also able to think about those who can’t run and focus on the positive even when you’re having a bad run. You’re right, bad runs will always happen, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love it.

  2. Augh, hate it when we have these super-humbling training runs or races (ugh, god forbid races!), but your perspective here was awesome. I think it is a million times harder to not give into that nasty voice in our heads when the going gets tough, but girl, you DID! Way to overcome!

    I run for many of the same reasons as you–and, in addition, to teach my daughter from an early age that girls can and should be strong and fast and competitive. 😉

    • I love that you run to teach your daughter that girls can be fast and competitive!! 🙂 When I’m a mother I plan on doing the same thing. It also teaches them that hard work pays off.

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