Stay Upright this Winter!

Stay Upright this Winter!

The local forecast is calling for freezing rain this weekend in Chicago and it makes me nervous. It’s probably because both my parents worked for OSHA for many years. So I know all about the potential risks and have heard many horror stories from them.

Winter Running

Since I don’t want anyone to be stuck inside on the treadmill and since I’ll be running/coaching outside 2 days this weekend I thought I would formulate a game plan for running on the icy roads and sidewalks.

  1. Choose to run on snow or grass instead of ice.
  2. Shorten your running stride. Try not to overextend your body’s ability to be stable by taking longer than necessary strides.
  3. Throw pace out the window. Go slow and don’t be afraid to walk.
  4. Get the right gear. You might want to invest in a pair of Yak Trax.
  5. Consider your safety. Tell a friend where you will be and how long you could be gone for.
  6. Stretch after your run. You’re using different muscles to stabilize your body so stretching is very important.

If you follow these simple tips – and remember to dress for the weather running outside can be safe and a lot of fun.

Do you have any other tips for running in the snow or ice? 

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  1. Great post, thanks for the tips. I try to avoid running on ice, by spotting it well in advance. So keeping a watchful eye is my tip. Also, try running in Antarctica. It is so cold there that the ice is not slippery! Check out the last paragraph of this:
    Pete B recently posted..Thanksgiving Week – Running Recap

  2. Thanks, Pete! That’s crazy that in some places in Antarctica the ice isn’t slippery. That doesn’t make me want to ever visit during that time of year (my nose would probably fall off) but it’s a cool fact!

  3. I ran 10 miles yesterday on the treadmill and 8 today outside. I was aiming for 20 but it got too cold for me and I was chafing in parts that hurt to walk or run. 🙁
    Zenaida Arroyo recently posted..Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series

    • Having the right gear is so important, otherwise I couldn’t run outside. Great job for getting the miles in. 18 is WAY better than nothing.

  4. Yes, definitely run on snow/grass to avoid ice! I do that even when I’m walking around or commuting, but always feel like I’m the ONLY one doing that (does everyone else just not care about the threat of ice???), so I’m happy to read that tip!

    I think another tip, unfortunately, is probably to be realistic about when it’s really not safe to be running outside. The treadmill is no fun, but sometimes it’s better than getting hurt.
    Anne recently posted..Thursday Randomness {4}

    • Anne – I’m glad you agree! I LOVE your tip. While I was coaching on Saturday a woman fell and I felt so terrible. Since the weather was a lot worse on Sunday we decided to cancel the run. A lot of the participants were disappointed, but I’d much rather have that than someone getting hurt. I don’t love the treadmill either, but it’s helpful to have in the winter.

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