Black Raspberries

Black Raspberries

“Runners are a different breed. We take pride in blistered feet, bruised toenails, and chafed skin. We become experts in energy gels and hydration strategies. For many of us, running is a refuge from day-to-day stress. It’s our passion. Our meditation and reflection. We run to live and live to run.”


Yesterday morning I made it out to the track for some speed work. It was my first taste of mile repeats. The workout was originally scheduled for Wednesday but my coach noticed I hadn’t been getting enough sleep so he pushed it to Thursday. Just another reason why having a running coach is so helpful. Coach wanted to make sure I was well rested and ready for a tough workout.

Mile repeats, like the name says, is running one mile many times with breaks in between. I have read in numerous running magazines and blogs that mile repeats is the best workout to toughen you up both physically and mentally. It will prepare you to run strong no matter how tired you are.


2 x 1 @ 7:10


15 minute warmup

1 mile @ 7:08

3:30 rest

1 mile @ 7:03

3:30 rest

15 minute cool down

It initially felt fast (thought I might throw up my oatmeal), but once I settled into the pace, I felt comfortable.

So far, I really love speed work; it breaks up the run and challenges me physically and mentally.


Black Raspberry Picking Season Has Arrived

Two things you must do while picking black raspberries:

  1. Wear gloves or your hands will be stained for days. (Please don’t make fun of my black/purple tongue).
  2. Wear bug spray. I didn’t wear any and have 9 mosquito bites on my bum. Major fail.


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  1. Thanks for this Sara! You explained a term that I feel like I should know, thought I knew, but didn’t quite have right. I’ve only been running under a year and while I love it, my terminology isn’t there yet! And scrumptious looking berries!! Mmm! 🙂

  2. BigSissy says:

    can’t wait for some organic black raspberries!

  3. Hi Sarah! What great speed work. Since I’ve only gotten into running this year my pace is super slow! I actually had a bad week running because I kept cramping after 5 minutes and I wasn’t going to fast. I finally ran today with no cramps but it was super slow! Oh well! 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh you are so fast!! Those blackberries look so good! I haven’t had any yet this season!

  5. Yum, I love black raspberries! We have a ton of bushes of both black raspberries and blackberries that grow wild on our property…YUM! I’m going to pick more today 🙂

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