IVF – Great News

IVF – Great News

The three weeks of hormone injections are over and we have good news (no, not pregnant yet).


On Friday I had my egg retrieval (ER) which is a really big day because it’s when we find out if there’s anything wrong with my eggs. I gave myself the HCG injection on Wednesday to make me ovulate and then Tony took me to the River North office early Friday morning for the procedure. Tony HATES needles and hospitals so I didn’t know how he was going to handle it, but he was a champ. He didn’t leave my side until they took me away. The worst part for him was when I woke up from the anesthesia and was crying hysterically. I wasn’t in pain, but I guess just scared..I don’t remember much.

I was told to stay in bed for 1-2 days after and I was happy to do so. It’s the first time since I bought my Garmin 15 I haven’t reached 10,000 steps, but I could barely walk to the bathroom. My stomach was 2x’s the size it usually is and it felt like my organs had been moved around. It wasn’t really painful, just really comfortable. I was happy to stay in bed while my Mom brought me Panera Bread and read magazines and watched Gilmore Girls.

The good news came late on Saturday! They told me they were going to call early on Saturday morning so I was freaking out by 3:00PM. We thought for sure we were going to receive bad news. When the nurse finally called around 4:00PM she said the wait was worth it because she had great news. Out of 25 eggs they retrieved, 23 were mature, and 22 had been fertilized. OMG… we could have 22 embryos = 22 babies! Of course, they only transfer 1-2 embryos back in me at a time so we won’t have 22 babies, but it’s still a fantastic number. The nurse also said my eggs and Tony’s sperm looked great. Yay!

A typical IVF cycle goes like this: 2-3 weeks on stimulants, then the egg retrieval, and then 3-5 days after ER they will do the embryo transfer where they insert the healthy embryos in to you to make you pregnant. My doctor told me my progesterone levels were high (because of the hormones) so they want me to wait a month before they do the embryo transfer. So I’m hoping to be pregnant in late December or early January. This was the first time Tony and I have received good news since we started this processes 11 months ago so we are thrilled.

In other news, Winter Warriors with CES starts next weekend and I’m really excited to be coaching again. I’m not able to run with the group but I will be there before and after for stretching, questions, cheers, smiles, and I’m conducting a couple of nutrition clinics. Can’t wait!



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  1. Congrats to you and Tony! I hope your body takes the embryos (or at least one of them) and we have an addition to the #runchi family next year!

  2. Yay! Great news. My fingers are crossed. So exciting! 🙂
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  3. So exctied for you!! Good luck!!!!
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