Life Lately 11.18.16

Life Lately 11.18.16

It’s been a while so let’s catch up!
chicago marathon

I ran the Chicago Marathon! I didn’t PR and I had major stomach issues at the end of the race, but it was still a really great day. We had perfect running weather, my Mom, Uncle, husband, and Allie were waiting at the finish, and I ran with two of my CES buddies so overall it was a great race.

I’m still coaching with CES this winter, but I’m taking a break from racing. We are trying for baby #2 and hope to do an embryo transfer in early January. I’m really excited and feel ready for a second baby. If I get pregnant in January our kids will be two years apart.


The Chicago Cubs won the World Series!!!!!!! It was one of the best days of my life. I was lucky to be able to go to 2 World Series games with my Dad and stepmom.

Cubs parade

My Mom and I took Allie to the Cubs parade. We didn’t go to the Grant Park celebration, but we went to Wrigley to see the start of the parade. I was worried the crowds were going to be insane (they were), but it was very family friendly and easy because Allie stayed in the baby carrier the whole time.

Allie took her first two steps last week and she’s done it again a few more times. I’m so excited for her to be a walker. My baby girl is growing up.

play dates

We have been busy with lots of playdates. Our mornings are always busy with Stroller Strides and then we usually try to meet up with our friends a couple of times a week in the afternoon.

strolelr strides

I’m teaching Stroller Strides in Glenview! When I started teaching the only opening was in Evanston (20 minute drive), but they had an opening in Glenview so I’m happy to have a shorter commute and I love the group of Moms.

family pictures

Here’s a sneak peek of our photo shoot. My Mom is a photographer and she got some great shots. I can’t wait to order our holiday cards.

Happy early Thanksgiving! I hope everyone enjoys some good food and time with their family. <3

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  1. Glad to hear things are going so well! I can’t wait to see the pictures.

  2. Thanks for the update! Good to hear things are going well. I know a lot of people who has babies around the same time as us will be trying for number two in the new year. It comes up quick!

    So awesome that you got to go to the World Series games!
    Nicole recently posted..Dear Siena – 13 Months

  3. <3 <3 I miss you! But I obviously stalk you on FB

  4. Good luck with baby #2! Excited for you!!!! Also I attempted to go to the Cubs parade downtown with my parents & uncle and it was insanely crowded. We didn’t really see anything. So, good call staying up north!

  5. Excited about baby #2!!! My siblings and I are two years ago (there are 7 of us) and I think it is just perfect.

  6. Exciting about trying for #2! My first 2 are just over 2 years apart, it was hectic at first, but now at 14 and 12…it’s all just a memory 🙂

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