Logan – 3 Month Update

Logan – 3 Month Update

Logan turned 3 months old last week! He is no longer considered a newborn baby. He is sleeping so much better and has the sweetest personality. I love him more and more each day.

Logan is definitely a mama’s boy. He turns his head to follow me around the room and always wants to be able to see me.


  • making bubbles with his spit (Allie never did this)
  • the sound machine (he won’t sleep without it)
  • kicking his legs
  • holding mommy’s fingers
  • looking at lights
  • looking at the TV
  • napping in his swing


  • sleeping on a flat surface
  • being overtired
  • being stuck in the car seat for too long
  • when mommy leaves the room

Eating: I’m nursing him 5-6 times per day and he gets 1-2 6oz bottles of formula. I have been pretty stressed lately (potential big life changes) and my milk supply has gone down. 🙁

Sleep: He is sleeping so much better! He goes to bed around 8 pm, wakes up at 1a or 2a to eat and then wakes up for the day around 6-7a. He usually takes a long 2-hour nap from 9-11am but doesn’t sleep much in the afternoon. Maybe 2 20 minute naps. It would make my life much easier if he took a long afternoon nap when Allie does, but I know it will happen eventually.

He is still sleeping in the rock n play and I don’t feel guilty about it. He is sleeping better so I don’t want to ruin a good thing. When he is 4 months I will try to move him into a crib.

He is wearing size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothes.

Happy 4 months, Logan! 

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  1. He’s so cute!

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