Logan – 4 Month Update

Logan – 4 Month Update

Logan turned 4 months old this week!

His personality is really starting to show. He is babbling, cooing, and laughing a lot more. He loves when I look into his eyes and talk to him or sing, and really loves watching his big sister.

He is already scooting himself backward! Allie was around 7 months when she started scooting. I’ve heard the second baby does everything sooner because they are watching the older sibling.


  • napping in the crib (we just started this last week and he sleeps so much better in the crib)
  • sleeping in the tula
  • jumping in the jumper
  • holding your hand
  • when you sing to him
  • sitting in his highchair (we just started putting him in there this week)
  • chewing on his hands
  • watching his big sister


  • being in the car
  • being put down (he wants to be held 24/7)
  • being overtired (I have to put him down for a nap every 1.5-2 hours)
  • sitting still, he wants to be moving

Eating: We’ll find out his measurements at his 4 month well check next week. I’ve been breastfeeding him 4-5 times a day and giving him 2 – 6oz bottles of formula. He likes when I nurse him in the morning, but my supply goes down in the afternoon so sometimes he gets frustrated so I’ll end up pumping. I want to continue breastfeeding for another month so he’ll get my breastmilk through the cold and flu season. My milk supply went down because I had the flu 2 weeks ago, but I started taking fenugreek and it’s gone back up.

Sleep: The big news is that we got him to nap in the crib! He still loves sleeping in the Tula, but he naps longer in the crib. We put him down for bed around 6:30pm-7: 00 pm and then he wakes up to eat around 3 am and wakes up for the day around 6-7am.

He is wearing size 3 diapers and 6-9 month clothes.

He reaches and holds onto everything, especially mommy’s hair.

Happy 4 months, Logan!

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