Pregnancy Update – 17 Weeks

Pregnancy Update – 17 Weeks

17 Weeks

I’m now entering the 5th month of pregnancy! The first trimester seemed to crawl by but the second trimester seems to be going a little faster. I can’t wait to be 20 weeks and able to say I’m half way there! I had a rough start this week due to a terrible migraine, but I felt great from Tuesday-Saturday. I’m keeping my fingers crossed these migraines stay away for awhile.

Pregnancy Update – 17 Weeks

How far along? 17 weeks + 0 days

Due date? September 6, 2015

Baby’s size? She’s the size of a potato.

Workouts: Running 4x’s a week and walking for 50 minutes 1-2x’s a week.

Maternity clothes? I received my Stitch Fix order and only kept one item and it wasn’t maternity. I kept the cute navy and pink skirt I’m wearing in the photo above. The maternity tops were a little too big and I didn’t love the style. I’m excited to get my next box in April!

Stitch Fix

Stretch marks? No, still using a lot of coconut oil.

Sleep: A little bit less sleep this week – around 8-9 hours. My nights were pretty busy so I didn’t get into bed as early as I would like.

Best moment this week: My friend, Leah’s baby shower on Saturday. LeahWe have been friends since high school and she now lives in North Carolina, but her wonderful mother hosted the cutest baby shower for her here in IL. She looks small because she’s only 20 weeks pregnant, but she was in town for work so they decided to have her shower a little early. She’s 3 weeks ahead of me so it was nice to talk about prego problems and the joys of it all together.

Leah's Baby Shower

Miss Anything? Running fast and drinking caffeine. I’m trying to limit my caffeine intake to 1-2x’s a week.

Movement: I’m starting to feel flutters!!!!! It happens mostly at night right when I lay down in bed. I’m still not sure if it’s Allie moving, but I’m hoping to feel some bigger kicks soon.

Food cravings: Big salads with lots of avocado, PB&J, lots of fruit, and last night I had a chocolate craving.


Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing this week! 🙂

Gender: Girl!

Name: Allison Kay Larsen

Symptoms: Migraines and this weird rash/pimples on my face. I saw a dermatologist this week so I’m hoping it will clear up soon.

Belly Button in or out? In.

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody: I’ve definitely had a few moody moments this week. They usually happen when I let myself get too hungry. But most of the time I’m happy!

Looking forward to: My Mom and I share a dog, Maxie and he’s coming to stay with us this week! I can’t wait to cuddle with him.

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  1. Wait a minute, it’s a girl, and she has a name! Yay, that’s awesome! 🙂 That’s great that you were able to attend your friend’s baby shower and that she is about the same number of weeks as you. It must be fun to be able to compare notes with someone going through the exact same stages (almost) as you! I would probably miss caffeine as well, although I find it has been putting me “on edge” lately, so I’m trying to add more milk and just drink one cup a day. I’ve even skipped a day or two and been okay, so I might be able to get down to one or two a week as well.
    Pete B recently posted..My Goal for the 2015 Shamrock Shuffle

    • Yes, and we are calling her Allie! 🙂

      I miss caffeine. It used to pump me up for my morning run. Only 4 more months to go and I’ll be drinking it again!

  2. awww allie! so cute! 🙂 so fun you get to share this time with your friend, too!
    Sarah @ recently posted..Twenty Miles on a Treadmill?!

  3. How exciting that you are feeling movement and flutters! That must be the most magical feeling ever! That is awesome that you and Leah have been friends since high school and that you are able to experience this journey at nearly the same time, too. I can imagine that it must make such a difference to be able to share all the stories and experiences with her. Yay for Maxie, too! Nothing is better than a lovable dog to cuddle with!
    Emily @ Out and About recently posted..Shamrock Shuffle 8K race recap

  4. Aww I love her name 🙂 Allie is beautiful! So glad you are able to run and feel relatively good. I love these updates 🙂 and double yay for extra pup cuddles!!
    Xaarlin recently posted..Week 9 of ?? Sub 20 5k training aka I Shuffled and did stuff

  5. You look adorable! And how exciting that you’re feeling little movements already, that’s the best part 🙂
    Christina @ Embracing Simple recently posted..March Update & April Goals

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