Pregnancy Update Baby #2 – 30 Weeks

Pregnancy Update Baby #2 – 30 Weeks

Pregnancy Update –  30 Weeks

We had a really great week! We were on vacation in Tennessee and Mississippi for a family reunion and I couldn’t have asked for a better week with family. It was relaxing, Allie was happy, and it was great catching up with family I haven’t seen in years. We stayed in a cabin with my Mom and it was nice to spend a lot of time with grandma. It was hot, but the humidity wasn’t as bad as past years.

Allie and Grandma

How far along? 31 weeks when I’m writing this.

Due date? October 7, 2017

Baby’s size? Baby Logan is the size of a butternut squash (around 17 inches and 3.1 lbs.).

Workouts: Ran 21 miles total for the week.

  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: 4 mile run
  • Wednesday: 5 miles + Stroller Strides
  • Thursday: Stroller Strides
  • Friday: 2 miles + Stroller Strides
  • Saturday: 10 mile run while coaching with CES and felt really good! The rest of the group ran 12 miles, but I stopped at the aid station because I don’t want to over do it.
  • Sunday: Rest

Maternity Clothes: Still wearing a good mix of both. I’m mostly wearing yoga pants and Lululemon t-shirts because that’s what I feel most comfortable in.

Sleep: Sleeping 8-10 hours each night and waking up to pee at least 3x’s.

Best moment this week: Spending time with my Mom, Tony, and Allie on the trip. Everyone was so relaxed and happy this week.

Miss anything? Sleeping on my stomach, running fast, and fitting into my summer clothes.

Movement: I’ve been feeling him move a lot more during the day when we are outside in the sun.

Food cravings: I’m craving mostly healthy foods, but also craving hotdogs and french fries.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing.

Gender: Boy

Name: Logan Henry Larsen

Symptoms: Acne on my chin (this is driving me crazy) and feeling overheated and sweating 24/7.

Belly Button in or out? In.

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody: Feeling emotional about adding another baby to the family. I’m really trying to enjoy every minute alone with Allie. I know she’s going to be jealous when the baby comes.

Looking forward to: Allie’s birthday on August 26.

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  1. You are amazing for still feeling good enough to run! Truly inspiring! I can’t wait to see that sweet baby #2!
    Sarah @ Sweet Miles recently posted..A Sunset Run For The Books + Workouts As Of Late

  2. You’re doing great. We have the same due date and I am starting to have such apprehensions about our daughter and bringing a new baby in. We bought her a few books awhile ago about becoming a big sister and she just loves them. I cannot recommend “Big Sisters Are The Best” enough. She knows it now and reads it to us!
    Sarah Dudek recently posted..31 Weeks- Up And Down

  3. Thank you so much, this was so helpful especially (the way you laid things down) knowing how stressful and difficult pregnancy can be. By the way you look amazing in the picture. How did you manage to get rid of the pregnancy weight after baby no.1? ? Any tips ?

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