Day In The Life With An 11 Month Old

Day In The Life With An 11 Month Old

I can’t believe I haven’t done a day in the life post since Allie was 4 months old. A lot has changed around here.

Day In The Life

6:00am – I can feel Allie moving as she starts to wake up. It was a rough night so we slept on the couch together from 4am-6am.

6:15am – I turn on the local news and we sit on the couch while I give Allie a bottle. She’s always super sweet and cuddly during this time.


6:30am – I let Allie play in the living room while I make the bed, make coffee and start cooking breakfast.

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7:00am – Our usual breakfast: eggs and fruit. Allie loves eggs!

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We listen to the disney pandora station during every meal. I used to get stressed out during meal time because Allie would make such a mess, but the disney music helps me relax so we sing and dance during our meals now. 🙂

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7:45am – I clean up the kitchen, get myself dressed while Allie plays or follows me around the house, and then I get her dressed. I aim to be out the door by 8:00am.

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8:30am – We arrive in Evanston and run 3 miles on the lakefront path.

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9:00am – We still have 30 minutes before I teach Stroller Strides so I take Allie out of her stroller and let her play in the grass.

9:30am – Stroller strides begins.

10:00am – Allie’s getting hungry so I give her a bottle.

10:30am – Class ends and we let our kids play at the park for awhile. Allie is the youngest of the group and can’t really play at the playground yet, so I swing her and talk to the other Moms.

12:00pm– Allie fell asleep in the car, but I’m able to make a successful transfer and she’s still sleeping when I put her in the crib.

12:15pm – I sit down at my computer and create a stroller strides class for Thursday.

12:30pm – I eat lunch which was a black bean burger and roasted veggies.

1:00pm – I do some meal prep for dinner.


1:30pm – Allie’s still asleep so I sit down on the couch and waste time on snapchat. It’s my latest addiction.

2:00pm – I decide to be productive so I fold some laundry and put it away.

2:30pm – Allie’s awake from her nap! I give her a bottle, we play, and then read a few books.

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3:00pm – I realize we are almost out of fruit so we run to mariano’s to pick up a few things. I’m not sure how it happens, but I find myself at the grocery store at least 2-3 times a week.


3:30pm – We leave mariano’s and drive to the JCC to pick up my niece, Lylah. She’s playing at the playground so we wait around for awhile and talk to her teacher.

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4:00pm – These girls love each other so much and it melts my heart. I’m so lucky that we live close and they get to see each other at least once a week.

6:00pm – My brother in-law picks up Lylah. We talk for a few minutes and then I start getting dinner ready once he leaves. Tony’s out of town so it’s just me and Allie.


6:30pm – Time to eat dinner! We eat the chicken and veggies I prepared earlier in the day.

7:00pm – I clean up Allie and the kitchen and I start getting her ready for bed. I can tell Allie is tired when she starts giggling and rubbing her eyes and ears. I put her in an overnight diaper, sing to her, and then say “goodnight sleep tight don’t let the bedbugs bite, see you in the morning”. It’s what my Mom would said to me every night at bedtime. <3

7:30pm – Allie’s asleep, so I sit down to watch TV and waste time on Facebook and snapchat.

9:15pm – I start getting ready for bed and text Tony goodnight.

9:30pm – Lights out.

And that’s a day in the life with an 11 month old!

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  1. Busy, busy! I love how you’re able to get work done and make time for yourself, supermom!

  2. Great idea with the Disney music! I’ll definitely keep that in mind! I listen to my Baby Mozart Pandora channel and classical David Lanz piano station so the baby can listen, but it keeps me calm and relaxed too. What kind of stroller to you have?

  3. I love that you listen to Disney during meal times. Sounds like such a sweet way to turn the situation into something fun and positive! <3
    alexandra @ my urban family recently posted..Friday Favorites Week 51

  4. Busy, busy!

    I love Pandora too and had a Disney station I used in my classroom.

  5. Aww. Your little girls are absolutely adorable. So cute!
    Michael Woods recently posted..Motivate Me Review

  6. That’s what my mom said to me growing up too! Now I want to start saying it. Haha.
    Nicole recently posted..New York Marathon Training – Weeks 4 & 5

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