Pilates for Runners

Pilates for Runners

As a running coach, I am always looking for new exercises to try that will strengthen my legs and prevent injury. Since I met Erica, she has been telling me about Maureen Ryan from Ryan Wellness Coaching and her Pilates for Runners class. Erica is a running ROCKSTAR and just completed her 36th marathon so I highly respect her advice and was very intrigued when Erica gave the follow review of Maureen’s Pilates for Runners class:

“I have been running strong since I started working with Maureen two
years ago. I do her “pilates for runners” class once a week and work
with her on the reformer once a week. My balance has improved
tremendously. The exercises for hips and glutes have kept my form
solid mile after mile. In my last two marathons, I did not notice any
single muscle breakdowns like I have in the past.”

I had never tried Pilates before but  was very excited to try something new that could be beneficial to me and the runners I coach.

Pilates for Runners

This past Thursday I had the opportunity to go to Flow Pilates Studio in Lincoln Park and take Maureen’s class. The class provides a full body challenge geared to endurance athletes with particular attention to muscles needed for good form, and efficiency for long runs. Maureen, being a runner herself, understands that being sidelined with an injury so she combines the principles of mat Pilates with exercises to increase range of motion and prevent injury.

Pilates for Runners

Benefits you’ll discover from Pilates for Runners:

  • Strong core (abs & back)
  • Muscular balance
  • Strength and flexibility
  • Body awareness and mind-body connection
  • Improved posture

I really enjoyed Maureen’s class. She has enthusiasm and passion for both Pilates and Running that is contagious. I never felt self-conscious about being a newbie and the hour class flew by. It is clear that Maureen has put the time and research in her work to create the best combination of movements to increase strength and fight imbalances in runners.

Pilates for Runners

I highly recommend Maureen’s Pilates for Runners class to anyone that is interested in Pilates, staying injury free, looking for a new workout routine, or wants to find a fast-paced, fun workout.

If you’re interested in learning more about Maureen, you can check out her website, Ryan Wellness Coaching and try out her class at Flow on Thursdays at 6AM.

Have you ever taken a Pilates class? What did you think? 



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  1. Hey, that place looks familiar! I’ve done yoga in the basement of Flow, it’s a nice and cozy space. Thanks for the info. If I ever think about doing pilates I will consider her class. 🙂
    Pete B recently posted..Thoughts on the Chicago Marathon Registration Going Lottery

  2. Cool! Sounds like a great workout! I will look into trying it out!

  3. It sounds like a great class. I will have to look into it.

  4. I LOVE Pilates and have taken many classes over the years (including a class tonight!) – Mat, with props, on a “reformer” (I don’t think it was an official Reformer, but very similar), Pi-yo (Pilates-yoga hybrid), at gyms and dedicated studios (strictly Pilates or yoga & pilates). I love it all. When it comes to favorite ways to work out, it’s a very close second to running. I think Erica may have given me a voucher for this class, but I have yet to use it.
    Maggie recently posted..Race Report: Carrera de los Muertos 5K

    • Maggie, you should definitely check out her class! I’ve tried two other classes and LOVE it. Now I want to try the Reformer and Pi-Yo classes.

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